Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Meet Rucky. She's Got my Back.

I knew before the race began exactly how I would commemorate my first 100 mile finish: a photo-realistic tattoo of the Western States Cougar Logo on the back of my calf. I knew who would ink it as well: Ed Slocum of Tattoo Artistry in Tucson, Arizona. Ed and I go way back to the early 1990's, and his talent has helped him become a legendary tattooer. I learned that Ed was going to do a guest spot in a San Francisco parlor, Let it Bleed, at the beginning of November. We messaged back and forth developing the design, and then I just had to wait for the day to come, which it did last weekend.

Rucky, my Western States cougar, watching out behind me
I am elated at the final product. I named her "Rucky". After 15 years without any new art, I also feel that old familiar yearning returning. Ink is addictive, and there are many other milestones which I'd like to commemorate. Have you got any running ink? Let me know in the comments!