Monday, August 3, 2015

Angeles Crest 100 Mile

Nice buckle Mr. Jones!
Out of the frying pan. I managed to squeeze myself into the short list of runners at the 2016 Angeles Crest 100 mile run. I feel more anxious than I did when I found out I was running my first 100 two years ago! While I will continue to throw my name into the WS100 lottery, my odds are long for next year. Better to get another solid qualifying race on my calendar while I can.  I'll try for Miwok 100k again, but I don't want to leave my qualifier fate up to a lottery and I have no desire to run Rio Del Lago. And, AC100 is also a Hardrock 100 qualifier...

Besides, a wise man recently said (was it Bob Shebest?) "sign up for the race that scares you." AC100 is that race right now.