Monday, October 8, 2012

CIM Training Week Seven... Sort of.

Week seven called for 48 miles and a 17 mile long run. As always, the plan did not pan out:

Tuesday: 6.5 miles easy (heart rate <132)

Sunday: Bizz Johnson 50K (heart rate all over)

Totals: 38.14 miles, 973'/1981' elevation ascent/descent

Mile 19 of the Bizz Johnson 50K
Short runs were excluded completely, and one moderate run turned into commuting by bicycle all day. My original schedule did not include an ultramarathon in week seven (that would be silly). So I had modified the week to begin with, but my energy levels were low after the 5K and long run the previous weekend and I figured some sort of taper might be a good idea come Sunday morning.

I will report on the Bizz Johnson in my race report in the next few days; I'm still collecting my thoughts, and 31 miles is quite a rollercoaster. I will say that my previous observations of more pain near the end of the long runs followed by speedier recovery are holding true. The pain of an ultra looked better on paper, but I am walking tall the day after with considerably less discomfort than I expected. Hell, I feel better than I did last Monday!

Stay tuned for the race report (David got some hardware!), and reviews on products and upcoming running clinics.

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