Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Way Too Cool 50K Training Week One: Reset, Repeat

A reset week following the American Canyon 50K entailed a lot of rest, a massage, and just over three hours of running. I felt like my legs recovered really well in the days following the race, only feeling a mild case of DOMS, but when it came time to hit the trails again, I felt lethargic, my heart rate was running high, and my effort level was too high for the pedestrian paces I was achieving. I talked with Coach Tim a few times, and decided to cut out a 45 minute run on Friday, and cut Saturday's long run short as well. To top it all off, Twirly came down with a nasty cold over the weekend, and now I fear my health may be a contributing factor as well. So training ensues, albeit at a modest pace, paying close attention to how I feel.

Here's the week:

Thursday: 60 minutes at 9:00 effort (HR ~10% high)

Saturday: 75 minutes at MAF (pace suffered, HR still high)

Sunday: 60 minutes easy

Totals: 19.12 miles, avg HR 135

Three weeks left before Way Too Cool 50K, and I feel like if I can get back to some volume (i.e. 50+/week) for the duration, I'll be in great shape to break 5:30 on that fast course. That will position me well for the heavy volume I expect Tim to throw at me in the final four week push to the American River 50 Miler. With only 7 weeks until my first 50 miler, my anxiety levels are beginning to creep up. A healthy dose of confidence from two 50K tune-ups will create a cocktail of courage to get me all the way to Auburn.

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