Friday, May 2, 2014

The Power of rOund Numbers

Contemplating my goals for Western States, trying to find the balance between ego and rationality, I came across this Runners World blog summarizing this New York Times blog. Not surprising, race goals are set by the numbers, and round numbers are easy targets. Being a numbers guy, I found both pieces compelling.

I have had some extra time to ponder such things, as tendinitis in my ankle has reduced my training volume significantly. The timing is horrible, as I will have to abstain from this weekend's 50k in the Canyons of the Western States trail. I was really looking forward to scoping out that section of the course. That will have to wait until the Memorial Day Weekend training camp. The break has been good for my ego though, as a 24 hour finish doesn't seem practical anymore. The fear of not showing up in Squaw Valley healthy has outweighed the potential of injury due to training too hard in pursuit of that silver belt buckle. Bronze will do just fine.

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