Monday, June 30, 2014

What a Journey

Buckle Number One
They say that when one shows up at Squaw Valley to run Western States, they are in the best shape of their lives. When they arrive in Auburn, they are in the worst shape of their lives. I've probably been in worse shape, but my feet are absolutely wrecked. The experience was so rich it will take me a while to digest and organize my thoughts. Rest assured the race report will come, though it may take a couple weeks. Thanks to all who have followed, supported and cheered for me. Buckle number one is in the books. It is time to rest and reflect for a while.

Mile 55, macerated feet fixed up by Jon VonHoff


  1. Congratulations Ken on a huge achievement. Your an inspiration to many and now officially a real bad ass

  2. Congrats, great job! Looking forward to the race report!