Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Race, Rest, Repeat Redux

Recovery from American River 50 Mile goes well. Hamstrings are still sore, and I picked up a little poison oak as a keepsake. I have never been bothered by it before. Hopefully it doesn't develop into an ongoing concern. I had enjoyed my immunity; it allowed me to not care that it is everywhere I want to train.

My adapted ketogenic diet continues to perform. My energy levels at AR50 were steady, and my body fat% continues to decrease:

Wednesday Weigh in, April 8th:
  • Weight: 184.2 (-3.5 lbs)
  • Body fat%: 16.09 (-0.62)
  • Ketone level: 0.5 mm
I plan to continue the same routine through the next couple of weeks. I am considering using Vespa at Miwok 100k, but I want to be in optimal ketosis (1.5-3.0 mm) to take full advantage of the Optimized Fat Metabolism approach. I am finding it difficult to get 200 calories of Tailwind down every hour, and if I can lower my hourly requirement, I think I'll have my nutritional plans for States ironed out.

Short update today. I am working on the AR50 race report. Stay tuned!

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