Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ignorance is Bliss

MRI of my right knee
I have long been a fan of quantum mechanics and the plethora of theories attempting to describe our universe. Some of my favorites stipulate that nothing exists until it is observed, described or contemplated. And so it has gone with my knee injury. Stemming from a fall during the Miwok 100k in May, discomfort in my right knee was the catalyst for a series of medical evaluations. My primary care physician referred me to an orthopedist, who took x-rays and then requested an MRI. I ran through all of this, building to a big ten day training block focused around the Memorial Day Training Camp for Western States.

Training Camp went well; I taped the knee all three days and kept the Vitamin I intake on the low side. I ran about 130 miles in nine days and never felt any significant pain in the knee, although my quads took a beating.

The discomfort abated, becoming more of a stiffness than a pain. The MRI results came back last Monday. I have a bruised patella and a torn meniscus. The doctor gave me the green light for States and prescribed some PT. The patella bruise, he said, will take up to four months to heal, but running should not cause any further damage. The meniscus, however, will not improve. Eventually I will have to have the damaged section removed. I had a similar issue with my left knee in the late 90's. I had it repaired during ACL surgery, and it has held up well.

So now I am hyper-aware of a torn meniscus every time I run! Niggles be niggles though, and knowing what's going on there doesn't change anything. Or does it? I'll be mindful, and take precautionary measures like taping and icing. I may taper a little more aggressively in the coming weeks to rest and minimize inflammation. 

In my experience, the niggles I worry about going into a race never end up being the niggles I have to deal with during the race. Hopefully that will hold true on June 27th.

See you at Squaw!

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