Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 - Year in Review

My third year of running is in the books, and I saw some significant milestones along the way. Most importantly, I managed my first full year of training, running every week on the calendar. I also completed four new distances: 15K trail race, half-marathon, marathon and 50K ultra-marathon. In addition, I set PR's at every distance I have raced, 5K through 50K. I competed in the Gold Country Grand Prix Race Series, taking third among Men aged 40-49. Ultimately, I tested myself, developed strategies to push through my limits and began finding success in endurance. I have to say it was an incredibly nourishing year of running.

So many metrics… Where to begin? 2012's training log is full of memorable runs, races and numbers. I have numbers for every aspect of my training, but I also have peers that eclipse every single number I can throw out there: total mileage, miles raced, epic adventures. However, I know better than to compare myself to others; I race against myself, not for the glory of defeating fellow competitors. In the end, I must own what I can and admire the rest...

Here is 2012 in numbers: 
  • Total miles run: 1374
    • Average week: 26.42 miles
  • Total miles raced: 156.94
  • Elevation gained: 94,988'
  • Avg HR: 138
    • Total calories burned: 146,223 (about 42 pounds worth!)
  • Longest run: 31.54 miles
  • Avg run: 6.19 miles
2012 mileage showed a 234% increase over 2011
My mileage total was more than double my total from 2011! So much for the 10% rule, eh? While my 2013 goals do not rely on numbers to measure my success, I am curious how much farther I can run in one year. Training for 50 milers will bump up that total, but I plan to take a month off after American River. My intention is to keep 2013 under 2000 miles. Can you see how difficult it will be for me to focus on aesthetic goals in  2013?!?

There are many ways I could illustrate my training, but the one I find most useful is the TRIMP score. TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) equals heart rate zone x time, and when graphed, provides a useful visual aid to assess over training. You can calculate the factor by the mile, workout, by equipment or activity, and it will continue providing a gauge of how hard you've been working, and provide a guide to injecting rest days and weeks into your schedule.

Daily TRIMP - a great way to judge your workout intensities
I am totally a stats geek. Tables and graphs are my favorite way to interpret data, thus my log is full of bar graphs and line graphs. I'm even considering some pie charts. Here are a few of my favorites:

Weekly mileage with a 3 week moving average to smooth out the niggles

Weekly TRIMP makes it easy to see training cycles

I just like to see the year this way. Probably a throwback from Nike+

And so, 2013 is off to a good start with the base I have developed over the course of 2012. My schedule has a good mix of iconic ultra-marathons and trail races, along with a healthy dose of volunteering and novelty 5K's. Once again, Twirly and I will be volunteering at Western States, and doing quite a bit of sailing a other R&R for good measure.

What are your goals for 2013? Got any big races on your agenda? Leave me a comment, and have an EPIC 2013!

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