Sunday, April 7, 2013

AR50 Training Week Four: The Taper and the Glory

Folsom Lake from the American River Trail
Race week. I ran twice, once on a treadmill and once out Pasquale Road to shakeout the legs and expend some energy. This taper frustrated me as my legs continued to feel sore despite the extra rest. Taking a hiatus after the American River 50 Miler is sounding well-timed, and I am curious to see how long it will take my legs to return to "normal". I am vacillating about setting a planned date or simply returning to running when I awake feeling able to walk without hobbling.

Here's the week:

Wednesday: 40 minutes on the mill

Friday: 30 minute shakeout jog

Saturday: American River 50 Mile Endurance Run (9:49:10)

Totals: 57.72 miles, avg HR 138

AR50 unfolded like a good book. It reminded me of rafting the Grand Canyon; the difficulty increased with distance. As with CIM, when I hit my wall (near the 50K mark) I abandoned my time goal. The internal dialogue remains the same. The first time, the cut-off is the mark to beat. I have plenty of time to worry about beating this year's mark, and I am 50 miles wiser now.

My pics from the race are few and blurry, so I am looking forward to pics from friends and the race photogs. Those I have seen so far a far from flattering, but I went into the race with more pounds than I wanted to carry, and the next few months will be focused on finding a better race weight. I hit the gym for a few weeks before getting my kicks chasing runners at the Run for your Lives Zombie 5K in May. Two and half hours of fartleks in zombie make-up!

Stay tuned for the race report.

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