Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Sixteen: Counting Down to the Pain

Recovery from pacing went well; I was able to get in moderate volume, and I substituted a hilly round of golf for an easy hour on Friday. Having had family in town over the past three weeks has been good, but training becomes a guilty pleasure when spending time with loved ones is the alternative.
Here's the week:
Tuesday: 60 minutes at base pace
Thursday: 90 minutes at base pace
Friday: golf
Saturday: 60 minutes at base pace
Sunday: 3 hours at 50K pace
Totals: 39.5 miles, Avg HR 138
This week was all easy running to lay down a good base for the upcoming workouts. Coach has some tempos and hill sessions on the schedule, and with TH50K only days away, I'm looking forward to putting in some effort. I hope to get out on the course to tackle one or two of the tougher climbs this weekend. The Coastal Trail from Tennessee Valley to Wolf Ridge is looming in my minds eye. That climb is so steep I've never been on the trail, always opting to use Old Springs Trail to connect TV and WR.
Also, Torrey got in off the wait list, so I'll have someone to chase! He hasn't trained very hard, and only found out he was in with ten days to go, but something tells me he's still going to go out hard, and if I can keep up with him, maybe I'll have a shot at a new 50K PR.

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