Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stinson Beach 50K Training Update: The Taper

Since running the Tamalpa Headlands 50k eight weeks ago, my training has really flourished. TH50k gave me the confidence that my injury had healed, allowing me to focus on quality training through September and October. My long runs became more hilly, and my volume steadily increased to bring me here, to this place, with just days until my next challenge: the Stinson Beach 50k.

The Stinson Beach 50k Course

Stinson Beach 50k Elevation Chart
I'm using it as a training race for this December's North Face Endurance Championship 50 Mile; practicing pacing, fueling and climbing. In the past two weeks, my aerobic fitness has returned to a level akin to when I ran the American River 50 miler. My muscular endurance feels like it is at an all time high, so I am looking forward to seeing how comfortably I can negotiate the >6500' of elevation this Saturday.
I'm planning to go out easy for the first 20 miles and then hammer the final ~20k, taking a lesson from my San Jose Rock n Roll performance. That would give me two solid downhills to negotiate quickly, on tired legs. Ultimately, I'd like to finish North Face in under 11 hours, a 13:00/mile pace. I figure if I can maintain 12:00/mile this weekend, I will be in good shape to get a 2015 WS100 qualifier under my belt at North Face, which is on the same day as the 2014 WS100 lottery.

Note: The 2015 WS100 qualifying standard has been changed and no longer includes 50 mile races. As such, a sub-11 hour finish at North Face will not mean a lottery ticket for the 2015 event.
Exciting times at Wanderplace this Fall. Stay tuned for the Stinson Beach 50k race report, and the return of weekly training logs as I prepare for another 50 miler!

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