Thursday, October 24, 2013

Western States Qualifying Races

Today, the Western States Endurance Run Foundation updated the list of qualifying races for 2015. Gone are the 50 milers, one of which (AR50) I am using to get my lottery ticket for 2014. Thus, I find myself conflicted. On one hand, I know that the odds of gaining entry get slimmer every year (less than 8% for a first time entrant this year) and the entrant field needs to be limited without making the standard more difficult. On the other, I have wanted WS100 to be my first 100 miler since I began running. Fortunately, there are still a few 100k's on the list, and they relaxed the 100k finishing time from 13 hours to 16 hours, which is totally within my capabilities. In addition, I plan to run at least one 100k next year if I fail to get into Western States, so in the end, the change will not effect my chances of popping my hundo-cherry in Auburn.
However, I was hoping to gain some inspiration to finish North Face 50 under 11 hours so that I would have my 2015 qualifying race all sewn up on the same day they draw the names for 2014. Now I have to figure out my "motivation" to finish sub-11, when I could phone it in and have a great time, comfortably finishing within the cut-off.
A fool's dilemma, I know.
At least now I won't be tempted to run the 2014 American River 50 just as a qualifier.


  1. Wonder if the WSER qualifying changes coupled with the AR50 course changes will have an impact on 2014 AR50 signups.

  2. Good point Steve. I know AR50 had been known as one of the easier qualifiers. I think they'll still fill up if only because of the novelty of the course change. I know I'll eventually do it again, just to see the new course.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Yeah.. we'll see. $185 for a 50 miler is steep. Now, it isn't even a qualifier. I haven't run a 50 yet, but when I do, it will be somewhere else for less money. Interesting stuff. I do think the change the Board made is the right one.

    Good luck this weekend at Stinson Beach... I'm running the Dam(n) Half in Cool on Sunday.

  4. i think i'll run my first 100m at pine to palm or angeles crest or somethin'.. there are so many to choose from. I don't feel driven to do the most famous and historic 100 first, given the difficulty. maybe as my 3rd or 4th.