Monday, December 9, 2013

The North Face Endurance Challenge: T-minus One Week (the Taper)

The week's training plan went out the window after I woke up with a chest cold on Wednesday. A hacking cough made it apparent to everyone but me that I should rest up for the big event, and after some gentle encouragement from friends, I did take the week off from running. Not running related events, however! Wednesday night was the Salomon Team community run at San Francisco Running Company, Thursday night I went to the Union Square North Face store for packet pickup, followed by another Salomon Team event at Sports Basement. Friday night was spent preparing with my crew, and of course, Saturday was The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship "Gore Tex 50 Mile" race.
Kilian Jornet is an inspiration to me. His downhill skills are amazing. (photo by Chris Jones)
It was exciting to meet so many talented runners, and the event on Thursday included grub, beer and films documenting Salomon team members Anna Frost, Ricky Gates and Kilian Jornet. I grew my ultra autograph collection and headed home for the all important night-before-the-night-before the race rest.

Knocking out the 50 miler, with pacer Victor at mile 27
The race went really well; I finished within 3 minutes of my goal and felt good all day. No lows, just a little apathy in the early afternoon. I'll have my race report up later this week.

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