Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Run Ultras? Why Not?

Matt the Angry Jogger wrote a post today regarding entering his first 100k. He provides some interesting perspective on running, and life in general, courtesy of film maker Kevin Smith. Check it out here.
In a nutshell: why not run ultras? On his deathbed, he " ... won’t think back and think ‘shit, why did I run that 100k race, it was a complete waste of time!"
I myself am not suffering the same crisis of confidence, but the perspective is welcome. Staring at my first hundred miler next summer does make me question my motives. The notions in Matt's post reflect a lot of my inner dialogue, though in an Irish accent.
On a related note: North Face 50 is less than two days away, and I am suffering a righteous chest cold. The forecast is for freezing temps at the start, and possible snow at the higher elevations on the course. I'm rethinking my time-based goal. Honestly, I'll be happy to finish! It should be an adventure, regardless.

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