Monday, March 17, 2014

Changes Afoot at Wanderplace!

Ever heard that old saying "don't change horses mid-race"? When I was a kid it would conjure images of jockeys leaping from one thoroughbred to another on the back stretch. Difficult? Sure. Impossible? Not quite. And how exactly would that be a disadvantage if your new horse was stronger?

Feeling a bit fickle, I have decided to change horses in my Western States 100 preparations. My support team is important to me, and when there are disturbances in the Force, I have to pay heed. So, it is with more than a little disappointment that I announce I am leaving Mauka Running. Their support has been integral in my base building phase this winter. My volume and consistency are at all time highs, despite the added complications of old injuries.

I wish Laura and Jorge all the best in their endeavors. I look forward to the final three months of WS100 training under the guidance of a new coach. I will announce my new team at the end of the month.

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