Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tunnel Vision

Wildcat Peak. The summit of my weekly time trial course (see Strava deets at the bottom)
Time accelerates as events grow near. This weekends Marin Ultra Challenge 50k will be the first real measuring stick of my training thus far. I am wrapping up the strength building cycle of my plan with this race; my confidence and climbing comfort are right where I had hoped they would be. Despite scaling back my volume after the American Canyon 25k, I am back on track with my plan, and I feel good at 45+ miles per week. My weight loss has stalled. Not surprising given my continued carbohydrate experimentation. 

Wednesday weigh in, March 10th:
  • Weight: 190.2 lbs (+.3)
  • Body fat %: 16.61 (-2.03)
  • Ketone level: not measured
I am somewhat skeptical of that body fat %, but it will all come out in the wash. After this weekends 50k I will begin focusing on speed. Tempo runs and interval sessions leading into the American River 50 Mile in early April will require even more carbohydrate intake. I may monitor my ketones more often as I try to dial in the right amounts.

A funny anecdote from earlier this week: 

I was enjoying some suds at the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room on Fourth in Berkeley after work, when a flock of Faraday electric bikes pulled up (like, ten of 'em). Before leaving, I asked the group leader (Bridget) if it was a meet-up or something. She was talking with a group of people which included a short guy that looked familiar. After Bridget explained that it was a media outing sponsored by Gu, the short guy gestured to my WS100 vest and asked if I had run it. I explained that I had last year and have gained entry again, and asked if he had run it, to which he replied that he had run it last year as well. I asked his finishing time and immediately regretted asking when his reply started with a "15". I meekly admitted my 28 hour finish, which he congratulated me on. The conversation returned to the Faraday electric bikes, and soon I was on my way.

As I rode along the Bay Trail a few miles later, it hit me. I had just asked Max King (4th place) what his WS100 finishing time was... I'd never really seen him without sunglasses! I felt like a tool. I suppose treating him like an average Joe was better than being a fan boy and snapping a selfie, but I feel like it was a missed opportunity to connect with another of ultra's elite.

Maybe I'll be able to joke about it with him at Squaw...

Here is a link to my most recent time trial in Tilden Park. I have been improving my time on this course over the past few weeks.

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