Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pine to Palm Pacing and Stinson Beach 50K

Training for endurance running can be a fickle mistress. Setting aside the time requirements, the body must struggle to repair itself amidst repeated sessions of damage which increase in intensity over time. Running the fine line between fitness and injury is more art than exercise. In my short running career, I have been sidelined a few times, and I try to learn more about my body and its limitations each time.
It is sad for me to say, but David tore a muscle in his thigh, and has dropped out of the Pine to Palm 100 mile with barely a week to go. My pacing and crewing duties alleviated, I turn my focus to the Stinson Beach 50K in October. Just six weeks before North Face, it will be a good tune-up for the hilly 50 miler. I'm less than stoked about the multiple loop course, but it includes the Steep Ravine climb, the Matt Davis Trail and the Heather Cutoff switchbacks from the Tamalpa Headlands 50K. I love these trails, but running a course twice isn't on my list of favorite things. I'll have to make it interesting by setting a goal to negative split the loops.
David, heartbroken, is considering the Bear 100 in Utah as a replacement race, but with only two weeks to heal, I think his 100 mile goals will have to wait until next year. Get better buddy!

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