Tuesday, September 24, 2013

San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon

I was perusing my training plan the other day, and on October 5th, Coach Tim had written:

"Want you to "race" a half marathon. Warm up for fifteen minutes and then run 13 miles at just under half marathon race effort, focusing on keeping it steady start to finish. Better to start a little easy and settle in after a couple miles than busting out of the gate and slowing over the run."

Trying to find a flat half marathon course in Nevada City was a losing proposition, and running along the Bay Trail is getting predictable and boring. So, on a colleague's suggestion, I signed up for the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon, to be held on October 6th. I had no plans to race a half this year, but I am curious to see where my fitness puts me in relation to my previous half marathons. It is a really racy distance. Just long enough to force a pacing plan, but short enough to go hard for the duration. This is one huge benefit to having a coach. He gets me out of my box frequently!

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