Saturday, January 10, 2015

Western States Redux Training: Begin Again

Looking for less light in 2015
With the holidays behind me I feel ready to tackle training for my second Western States 100 in 12 months time. While I gave running a rest in the second half of the year, I continued to consume as if I were training. Between the San Francisco Giants playoff run (Dynasty) and the holidays I packed on a hefty 17 pounds after States. When I sat down to sketch out my training program, it was obvious that  weight loss would be priority one.

I wanted to lose 30 pounds in 7 months. Not an impossible task, but I wanted to get down to race weight before the heavy lifting in the spring. December was easy; I began training again. The shock to my system and some smarter eating habits jump started the process. I knew once my endurance came back that I would have to implement some new strategies.

I played around with a ketogenic diet last fall, I decided to try it again at the start of the year. I'm finding it easier to stick to this time around, as I am eager to see results. Besides the lack of fruit and beer, I love everything about the diet. I can eat eggs, cheese, most vegetables, more meat, more eggs. The beer prohibition sticks in my craw, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Besides, there will always be gin for those special occasions. I am testing my blood once a week on weigh-in day (Wednesday) and will provide some progress updates as the season progresses. 

 Here are the starting numbers:

January 5th, 2015, day one of <50g/day carbohydrates
  •     Weight: 204.2
  •     Body fat: 20.9%
  •     Ketone level: 0.1 mm
 January 7th, first weigh-in
  •     Weight: 203.4
  •     Body fat: 20.9%
  •     Ketone level: 0.6 mm
The initial weight loss was likely water weight. I am pleased to find myself entering nutritional ketosis within 48 hours of beginning. The expected sluggishness did not deter my training. After peaking at 35 miles this first week I am taking an easy week of 25 miles the following week. That should get me back to feeling more energy. The next cycle of training is a three week build up to 50 miles, culminating in the American Canyon 25k on February 7th.

Reset with a rest week, and the cycle will resume. Every month I have a training race or big weekend planned as part of a peak week. I'll unveil it as it unfolds, but I am confident I have the tools to get me that silver buckle in June. As long as I stay healthy, it will happen.


  1. Can't wait to see you kill it at WSER this year!!!

    All Day!

    1. Thanks Ken, I'm pretty excited to see what I can do. Have a great run at HURT!