Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Grind Continues

Forty miles a week is a mythical volume for me. Upon arrival, I feel weary. Niggles cast doubt on my endurance. Scheduling the time to train challenges my organizational skills. Once achieved and maintained, however, the forty miles per week bring confidence, comfort and clarity. Last week marked my return to the volume, and I hope to stay at or above 40 miles per week until June. Provided I can stay healthy, of course.

I continue to leave pounds of fat strewn along the side of the trail. I lost the ability to remain in ketosis on the weekends. Between my strategic use of complex carbs like sweet potatoes on my Saturday long runs and post run recovery brews with friends I didn't stand a chance. Weekdays are still low carb, and by Wednesday weigh in I can get back into nutritional ketosis. I'd like to see if I can fend off the fatigue despite my weekly transgressions. Here are this week's numbers:

January 28th, Day 24:
  • Weight: 196.4
  • Body fat %: 19.18
  • Ketone level: 0.6 mm
3.5 pounds and a tenth of a percent body fat lost. My pace is quickening, slightly. My energy levels are good, and I am enjoying the flexibility of deciding how much and when to run as the days come. Sometimes the plan pans out, sometimes life gets in the way. As long as the weekly volume target is met, it doesn't matter. I doubt I'll ever return to being coached.

Physical therapy, however, remains a useful tool in my arsenal. Tight calves and some IT band issues are under constant surveillance. With just ten days to my first race of the season, I am focusing on form and pace. I have been tempted to begin strength-based workouts like hill repeats. I've stuck to my guns and remain in the "base" training phase until race day. I'll have a good bench mark for my hill skills that way.

I had a great morning showing David the southern end of the Miwok 100k course on Saturday. It was my first run in the Headlands in months. I need to spend more time there. Running just seems easier amidst those panoramic vistas.

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