Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Year in Review: 2014

2014 will always be the year of my first 100 mile run. Popping my hundo-cherry at Western States was a dream come true, but very well could have marked the end of my ultra running career. I set up goals, knock them down and move on, usually. Running has given me a return on my investment. I can wring out some more value by striving for continued improvement. I can make 2015 even more satisfying by putting in more hard work and making some lifestyle changes. Twirly is on the verge of making me sign a contract stipulating that I am not allowed to do any adventure racing, saying she would rather see me try a 200 miler! Before we get into the trail ahead, let's take a look at 2014. 

The numbers:

  • Total miles run: 1578
  • Average week: 30.3
  • Miles raced: 220.5
  • Elevation gained: 191,652'
  • Average HR: 132
  • Total calories burned: 179,168
  • Longest run: 100.2
  • Average run: 6.12
There are some interesting year over year numbers there (see 2013 here). Another mild increase in mileage, although 85% of that volume came in the first half of the year. I really took it easy after States. As a result, I raced fewer miles. My vertical bumped up 25%, which was in line with my 2013 training goals. Bronze buckle on belt, the year was a huge success.

Other events of note for the year:
Overall, I learned more about myself and running in 2014 than ever before. A variety of coaches and mentors helped me get through a slew of races: the Pacifica Trail Half, American Canyon 25k, Way Too Cool 50k, Lake Sonoma 50 mile, WS Training camp and Western States 100. Taking all that the year taught me, I will be tackling 2015 without a coach. In the coming weeks I will be outlining my training plans and goals for the year. I'll be focused on a sub-24 hour finish at States this year, because who needs two bronze buckles?

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