Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beer Week is Over, Back to Business


SF Beer Week is not for the timid. Events, almost 800 in total, spanned the Bay Area from February 6th to the 15th. Twirly and I made it to seven. Not even one percent. I met a few hardened souls who were doing two events a day! And that is barely more than two percent. If you like beer, February is the time to visit the Bay!

On the plus side, I feel I have had my fill of suds for the time being. Back to a rigorous ketogenic diet and strength training. The damage done by my birthday celebrations and Beer Week was 'contained' as well as I could have hoped for:

Wednesday weigh in, February 18th:
  • Weight: 195.8 (+0.3 lbs)
  • Body fat %: 18.83 (+0.15)
  • Ketone level: 0.3 mm
I expected more gains, to be honest. Just as training cycles require rest, I suppose weight loss should abate occasionally too. But then again, I can justify anything I put my mind to.

After the American Canyon 25k, I had some discomfort in my right knee. Likely IT-Band syndrome, I got some A.R.T. from my faithful chiro and took it easy. I had the foresight to schedule a rest week. I ended up with 20. Looking back over my logs, I can see that the week following a race is almost always in the 20-30 mile range. My body does a good job of reigning me in, if I listen. So I'll be adjusting my training plan to allow for less mileage in the week following a race. 

Being capable of training through a race without cutting back the mileage so far has been a goal of mine, but I am beginning to realize that these bones will not tolerate that type of load. As long as I keep learning and applying what suits me best, I can handle the truth.

Anyone racing the Inside Trails Chabot 50k this Saturday? I'll be out there holding down the start/finish area. If you see me come say hi. Otherwise, SYOTT.

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