Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Breakthrough and a Breakdown

As my weekly volume creeps up through the forties, shades of my previous levels of fitness and comfort peek through the pain. An eight miler on a favorite training trail resulted in numerous Strava segment PR's, although my heart rate was about 6 beats higher than nine months ago. I am feeling strong, but still a bit slow.

February is my birthday month. Last weekend was the annual Tahoe trip, which was the first in 11 years with no snow. I didn't even bother bringing my skis. I did get in a nice long run along Lake Tahoe though. That was a first. The ketogenic diet has been adapted to make room for some beer consumption. Between the birthday dinners and San Francisco Beer Week, it would have been difficult to abstain. So I am eating low carb all day, running on low carbs, and then removing any restrictions for dinner. It isn't shaving off the weight, but my body fat % is still dropping. Hopefully the volume increases will keep everything in check until I get to the other side.

Wednesday weigh in, February 4th:
  • Weight 196.9 (+0.5 lbs)
  • Body fat %: 18.79 (-0.39)
  • Ketone level: 0.3 mm
The low ketone level was not a surprise. I have been experimenting with pre and post exercise ketone levels and found that after an hour or so of running, my levels rise by about 1.5 mm. This phenomenon is well documented, and reinforces the notion that ketosis is easily achieved with exercise. American Canyon 25k, this Saturday, will be an opportunity to experiment with race fueling and actual blood ketone levels. I hope to be in optimal ketosis by race morning, and check my ketone levels during and after the race to see how my selected fuel sources effect my blood chemistry.

All other aspects of training are firing on all cylinders. My MAF pace is improving, and I feel ready to begin the strength building cycle. Hill repeats and longer long runs should get me in race-shape for the Marin Ultra Challenge 50k in March. I will also be volunteering at the Lake Chabot Inside Trails race on February 21st. Say hi if you see me!


  1. Best of luck tomorrow at AC25K . Realize it's not a "race" for you but good luck anyway. I met you at that race last year.

    Oh and by the way "I stole your Lake Sonoma ticket... HA HA.." Just kidding of course but I did finally get into that race. Of course if you'd like to exchange your WS lottery entry for Lake Sonoma I would make that concession... Best of luck in your WS preparation and pursuit of the silver. We'll all be watching...

    Cheers from Las Vegas

    1. Congrats on Lake Sonoma Steve. You'll have a blast; the event and course are top notch. I think I'll keep my golden ticket to States though. I have unfinished business to take care of there ;)

  2. Curious to hear a mini race report on AC if you publish one. Wondered if you guys got socked by rain the whole day or were spared. One of the worst droughts in California's history and that's twice now AC is hit by rain in the past two running's.

    1. Just posted the AC race report today!