Monday, November 5, 2012

CIM Training Week Eleven and a Fraking Head Cold

This week the marathon began looming ominously. Overall mileage was moderate; Coach Footfeathers had me on a mini-taper coming into my tune-up half marathon on Sunday. Here's how the week played out:

Tuesday: 45 minutes at 9:00 effort

Wednesday: 45 minutes at 9:00 effort with 6x30 second strides

Friday: 30 minutes at 9:00 effort with 3x30 second strides

Saturday: 30 minutes shakeout jog

Sunday: US Half Marathon in San Francisco

Totals:  31.5 miles, 1939'/1611' elevation gain/loss, average heart rate = 147

I would like to say the week went well, but I cannot. A head cold began washing over me early in the week, and I was taking Sudafed and Vitamin C like it was going out of style. Without the decongestant, my head felt like a solid block, and everytime I blew my nose my ears would squeek loudly. Cold medicine makes me feel a bit loopy, and I was doubting my ability to put up a 1:40 half marathon time. My legs were feeling like lead, never getting loose on the shortened runs mid-week. A visit to my chiropractor helped some, but I need to incorporate massage and increase my foam rolling and stretching to facilitate flushing in my calves and hamstrings. The cold would not abate, so I sent Tim an email asking his advice:

"I ran a 3:59 at Way Too Cool with a bad cold all week... ... I wouldn't take any meds from now until the race. Once you start running you'll be fine"

Two days of no decongestant led to increased doubt going into the race, and it was not something I would have considered. I figured being able to breathe trumped any detrimental effect the drug would have on my performance, but I trust Tim's guidance, and followed his advice. I am still collecting my thoughts on my second half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the race report should be posted this week, so stay tuned...

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