Monday, November 19, 2012

CIM Training Week Thirteen & the Return to Health!

Well, this week went much better, as the critter that had set up shop in my system was finally defeated by my army of white blood cells, bombardment of Vitamin C and much needed rest. Symptoms began to abate and my energy levels returned, although I am not at 100% quite yet. I only missed two hour and fifteen minutes of scheduled training, due to lack of energy and a rainstorm that blew through the Bay over the weekend. Usually I enjoy running in weather (I love the Bowerman quote "... no such thing as bad weather, just soft people"), but it seemed like an invitation for the critter to return on Saturday, so I skipped a 90 minute workout. Fortunately, the weather broke in time for my long run on Sunday:

Monday: 45 minute walk <14:00 pace

Tuesday: 60 minute easy tempo, 8:00 pace

Thursday: 75 minute 3x8:00 hill repeats

Friday: 45 minute 9:00 effort

Sunday: 3 1/2 hours at 50K effort

Totals: 40.4 miles, 4864'/4715' elevation gain/loss, avg HR 144

The hill repeats and long run were in Redwood Park in the East Bay. Over 3000 feet of elevation during the long run really wore me down, but I feel like I am prepared for the rolling hills in the first half of CIM, as they will look small in comparison. A massage or two before the big day will hopefully have me feeling fresh at the start line. Tim has me doing some speedwork this week, and I have permission to race the Turkey Trot, so I'll see how my leg turnover is feeling. Racing the 10K on Thanksgiving gives me a good shot at securing second place in the Gold Country Grand Prix, which would be a timely confidence boost. Anxiety is creeping in as I contemplate Tim's recommendation that I go for a 3:40 marathon. It's a pace I feel will challenge me (8:20/mile), but I don't want to leave anything on the course. The last thing I want is to finish and realize that I have some gas left in the tank. Then again, I don't want to bonk the last 10K and end up walking it in! Again, I am in unfamiliar territory. One thing is for certain: in two weeks my first marathon will be in the books.

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