Monday, November 26, 2012

CIM Training Week Fourteen and Thanksgiving in the Boat Yard

Despite feeling much closer to 100% this week, I still missed two hours of scheduled training. 90 minutes on Thanksgiving turned into the Turkey Trot 10K, and the other runs got in the way of Travel and boat projects. Twirly and I took advantage of the long holiday weekend to do biannual maintenance to Kuani's bottom. Here's how the training week played out:

Tuesday: 90 minute tempo - cut the tempo duration in half; felt poorly

Wednesday: 60 minutes at 9:00 effort

Thursday: MEB2 Turkey Trot 10K

Saturday: 45 minutes at 9:00 effort

Sunday: 60 minutes at 9:00 effort; fartleks

Totals: 34.36 miles, 1631'/1965' elevation gain/loss, avg HR 143

It's all over but the tapering now. I have to trust in the training I have done over the last fourteen weeks. I did not achieve all of the mileage I, or my coach, had planned, but I am confident I will put in a good showing at my debut marathon. The weather forecast looks like it will be a soggy Sunday morning, and that did bother me when I first heard, but I'm coming around. As long as I can stay warm once we start, I'm sure it will be a good experience. I may try to get in to see my chiropractor to loosen up my lower legs this week, but aside from the usual stiffness, I feel ready.

Safety first!
Any anxiety I had last weekend was eclipsed by a marathon of bottom painting in the boat yard. Twirly and I had three days to sand, clean, prep and paint Kuani's bottom in time to be launched and back in her slip on Monday. I had her hauled on Wednesday before taking the train home for Turkey Day, which we spent with Twirly's parents in Nevada City. Friday morning we drove down and got to work sanding; with the help of a friend we almost finished Friday evening. Saturday was spent completing the sanding and cleaning the hull.

 By Sunday we were ready to mask and paint, which we waited to do until the dew had evaporated. We ended up sprinting to get the job done before the sun went down and the dew dropped on our fresh paint, and by sundown, we were cleaned up and getting ready to go out for a celebratory dinner at Hotel Mac in Point Richmond.

Happy to be done.

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