Friday, December 21, 2012

2013: Goals, Hopes and Realities

2012 marked my first year of consistent training, and I must credit my objectives for giving me the inspiration, motivation and general stubbornness to achieve 52 straight weeks of training. My goals for 2013 build on this conditioning, but I am dialing back the scheduled obligations and going with more aesthetically satisfying aims. Instead of competing in a race series, I am focusing on trail racing. Instead of trying to lay down a fast-for-me debut marathon, I am simply seeking to complete my first 50 miler. Instead of trying to be competitive in my age group, I commit to continue growing this blog, and becoming more active in the running community. 

2013 Goals

  1. Complete the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run
  2. Race trails not roads
  3. Be injury-free
  4. Grow Wanderplace
  5. Run the Dipsea
The one carry-over goal from 2012 is to NOT GET INJURED. I recognize that 52 weeks straight probably resulted in the general over-trained feeling I awake with on a daily basis, so after the American River 50 in April, I fully intend to take as much time off as my body requires before I resume running. I will hit the gym for some core strength building and weight management to pass the time until I can begin running again with no niggles and good foundation going into the fall, culminating in the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler in San Francisco.

Now that I have subjected myself to being coached, I realize that while the conditioning I gain from training consistently doesn't dissolve overnight, I still need to push through varying levels of discomfort to find the next level of fitness and endurance. Tim has done well to keep me on an ambitious schedule, and although I have not felt able to hit every run on the schedule, I can tell that I can run farther and faster as a result of his guidance.

I am excited to have such aesthetic goals to focus on for the upcoming year. 2012 became more about numbers than the process; increasing my time on dirt and getting away from the concrete jungle should get me back into the experience. Trail running is not the most convenient way to get my workouts in, as I live on the water, but the immersion in nature pays the dividends I seek. And now that the days begin to get longer, I have the time to invest in more varied places to run.

See you on the trails!

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