Monday, December 24, 2012

American Canyon 50K Training Week Two - More Rain, With More and Deeper Creek Crossings

The upside of this week was that my Morton's Neuroma niggle is manageable. The pain subsided Tuesday and I was able to get through a tempo run with little problem. The downside: winter brought stormy weather. The worst part is getting myself psyched up and out the door. Once out in the elements, a sense of peace proportional to the weather quickly fills me. Conditions may warrant additional care, or clothing, or precaution, but the serenity pervades. 

Tuesday: 90 minute tempo, 45 @ 8:00

Wednesday: 40 minutes @ 9:00

Thursday: 85 minutes Hill repeats, 8x3:00

Saturday: 60 @ 9:00

Sunday: 4:13 @ 50K pace on American Canyon course in the pouring rain

Totals: 44.17 miles, 6372'/6135' elevation gain/loss, avg heart rate 138

Once again, I skipped a recovery run on Friday (life gets in the way), but felt really good on Saturday. The winter storm brought 3-4 inches of slushy snow to Cascade Shores, and I ran the out-and-back I used to do daily, Pasquale Road. Drymax socks and windbreaker over wool crew kept me comfortable, and keeping a 9:00 effort on the hilly route felt great.

Saturday's weather was good training for Sunday, which was much different. David agreed to join me on a scout of the middle 18 miles of the American River 50K, a lollipop out and back along the Middle Fork of the American River. We set out in a downpour equal to the storm that hit CIM, but colder. I started thinking about the dry clothes stashed in the car as soon as I the flashbacks to stream-stomping in Alaska began.

That run deceives a post of its own - keep your eyes peeled.

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