Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reset Week: Whose Legs Are These?

After an unforgettable debut marathon at CIM, it was time for a break. Not too long though, as my plan is to roll my fitness from the marathon training into a strong winter building up core strength, getting back to race weight and hitting the trails hard in preparation for Spring 2013: two 50K's and my first 50 miler.

So I took four days off ;)

Coach Tim had me easing back into training this week. 30 minutes on Wednesday got skipped, because my left ankle was still swelling while I sat at my desk at work. Sitting all day makes it difficult to elevate, but I brought my new cold roller to do some PT/icing during a break here and there. The swelling stopped on Thursday. Here's how my reset week played out:

Friday: 30 minutes @ 10:00 pace

Saturday: 30 minutes @ 9:00 effort (a return to my old training route on Pasquale)

Totals: 6.36 miles, 285' elevation gain, avg HR 135

Easily my lightest week of 2012! Friday's run left me feeling like a new-born deer, asking "whose legs are these?"

I have to be happy with my results for the year. I managed my first full year of injury-free running, although I have been battling some recurring niggles. I have learned a lot about my body, nutrition, and training. I even met some cool new friends along the way. As I sit down to formulate my goals for 2013, I realize that this sport allows me to frame my goals in many different ways. I can shoot for performance goals, or quantity goals, or even aesthetic goals. Each provides motivation, confidence and the satisfaction of achievement.

I signed up for the Way Too Cool lottery this week; the selections happen tomorrow. I am excited at the prospect of running this race. I'd love to have an excuse to train on the course!

Next week will mark the beginning of American Canyon 50K training, and upcoming blog topics include a Series Report on the Gold Country Grand Prix, a 2012 year-in-review and my 2013 goals. So keep watching Wanderplace this winter.

As always, thanks for reading!

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