Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Two: Sweep L.A.!

Week two saw a small increase in volume, and noticeably sore muscles after about an hour of running. I took an optional day off on Friday, and just plain skipped a 90 minute workout on Saturday and a 45 minute workout on Sunday. Twirly was in town and we sailed across the Bay to AT&T Park. We picked up some friends for an afternoon cruise around the Bay and then returned to South Beach Harbor next to the ballpark to tailgate on the boat and then got to watch the San Francisco Giants BEAT LA in the bottom of the tenth inning on a walk off home run. Our section, in the bleachers, was full of Dodgers fans. It was very satisfying. The G-men went on to win Sunday as well, sweeping their rivals in three one run games.
The week:
Monday: 60 minutes @ 9:00 effort 
Tuesday: 45 minutes on the treadmill
Thursday: 60 minutes @ 9:00 effort
Totals: 18.50 miles, avg HR 138
So, a weekend spent on beer, baseball and sailing did not do much for my race weight goal. I won't see a scale until Saturday morning before the Run For Your Lives Zombie run, so I have a few days to count calories, cross train and try to hit every workout on the schedule.

I'm unsure, at the moment, what my costume for the zombie run should be. It has to be comfortable enough to run in for three hours, but I also want to wear something that will be memorable.  
Crazy scientist zombie? Maybe.
Ultra runner zombie is too obvious.
Business man zombie would be too hot.
Lifeguard zombie?
Hmmm. Something in the middle. Got any ideas? Leave me a comment!

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