Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Four: Ouch, My Hip Hurts

Week four did not go well. My delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from the Zombie Run continued to bother me well into the later days of the week. In addition, I felt like I had pulled my groin; I had sharp pains throughout my right hip, which wouldn't loosen up as I ran, so most of the plan went out the window, and I tried to fill in the activity with a few days on B, my Bianchi Pista Via Brera. Here's the week:
Tuesday: 45 minutes of walk/running
Thursday: Bike to work
Saturday: a short bike ride and then 80 minutes trail running with Twirly
Sunday: two hour bike ride with Twirly
Totals: 7.63 miles running, avg HR 121, 29.5 miles biking
Obviously, distance running alone is horrible conditioning for flag football. My body hurts more this week than after AR50 or CIM. The groin continues to require special attention, and I find myself babying it constantly. I reacted to the slow recovery by incorporating Coach Jay's myrtle routine daily. Hopefully I will find some strength before the Harmony Run 10K at the beginning of June.
My chiropractor is opening a new office which is much closer to me, a huge plus. I need to get some ART treatments to get this hip back to 100%. I also plan to begin monthly massage sessions from now until the NFEC 50 miler in December. My muscles are beginning to recover more slowly; I can tell my muscular endurance has suffered in the 6 weeks since American River, although my cardiovascular endurance is still pretty good.
When I decided to take a break and start my training cycles over, I did not anticipate this much discomfort. Use it or lose it, as they say...

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