Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week One: Getting Back On That Horse

Enough of this resting! It is time to get back to the meditation of training. With 18 weeks to train for the Tamalpa Headlands 50K, I have enough time for a legitimate training cycle. The first four months of this year have been filled with 4 week cycles, so I am looking forward to seeing what kind of improvements I can make given the much longer macro. And I need to lose some weight too, so my weekly logs will include some metrics on how that endeavor is playing out.
Here's the week:
Tuesday: 45' @ 9:00 effort
Thursday: 60' MAF test
Saturday: 60' after too large a lunch
Totals: 16.57 miles, avg HR 138, weight 196.2 lbs
Saturday was a disaster. We had family in from out of town, and I foolishly had a huge lunch and a couple of beers before my run, and ended up feeling just like I did in the later miles of AR50: sloshing belly and bloated. I ran/walked my favorite training route and tried to enjoy being outside.
My niggles are coming back already! It is as if they were simply lying dormant, waiting for an inkling of effort so they could bloom like spring wildflowers after the first rain of pain. This endurance training is quite the process. Use it or lose it, right?
My weight is a problem. Fortunately, I have enough time to get back down to a reasonable race weight of 180 lbs. It will take a lot of discipline though, and I have to use all the tools in my bag to get it done. Calorie counting/food logs are necessary, but a pain in the ass to maintain. I should be weighing myself daily, but I'll only have access to my scale once a week, if that. Must focus. 

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