Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Ten: Western States 100 and a Hash House Run

After two and a half months of fitful training, week ten brought the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Always inspriational, volunteering at mile 55 of the WS100 led to some of my biggest volume weeks of 2012. Hopefully my physical therapy and strength work will allow me to springboard back into a worthy training volume. With eight weeks to Tamalpa Headlands 50K, I have some serious work to do.
Here's the week:
Tuesday: easy 30 minutes
Thursday: 10K with David in the heat of Mountain View
Sunday: Hash House run with Twirly
Totals: 13.10 miles, avg HR 149, weight 197.2 lbs

The mileage is still embarassingly low, and my heart rate reflects a significant loss of fitness. My weight is stable, but hovering 25 pounds over my desired race weight of 172. If I look at body fat % instead, which is a better indicator of health, the math says I'm headed in the wrong direction. I need more miles.
On the positive side, the runs are becoming more tolerable. I even felt good on the Hash! The pain of my injury is slowly replaced with what I would call "feeling weak". Armed with more stretches and strength exercises, I hope to put in a training effort at the 50K, with my focus shifting towards TNFEC 50 Miler in December.

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