Monday, July 8, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Eleven: Building a Base and America's Cup 34

Week eleven finally felt like a good week of training. The mileage is slowly returning, and my muscles are protesting, but my injury continues to improve. Every time I begin again I am amazed at how uncomfortable building a base can be.
Here's the week:
Tuesday: 45 minute power hike
Thursday: 60 minutes at base pace and 11 miles on the bike
Saturday: 85 minutes easy
Sunday: 16 miles on the bike
Totals: 17.92 miles, avg HR 154
Biking with Twirly is helping flush the legs, and my weekend long run is testing my hip. Progress is happening! I received more Active Release Technique treatment from my chiropractor on Tuesday, and plan to hit the masseuse this week to stay on top of the knots and scar tissue.
Yachtie Disneyland
Sunday's 60 minutes were swapped for a trip across the bay to watch the first race of the 34th America's Cup. Twirly and I brought our bikes on the BART train and wandered around the AC facilities on Pier 29 before watching the race from the finish line. These new foiling catamarans really fly!

I have been recruited by Coach Ken from Running Stupid to help pace him in the San Francisco 100 miler in August. It will be three weeks before the Headlands 50K, and 25 miles motivating Ken to a sub-24 hour finish would be a great last long run. Hopefully my recovery timing works well for that effort.

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