Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tamalpa Headlands 50K Training Week Twelve: Enough with Distractions, Get Back to Work

Injury can cause despair. Not just the runner's despair that comes from taking running off the table (versus uh oh, I hurt my body, maybe I shouldn't be doing that), but a desperation that can erode other facets of life. Old, destructive behaviors rear their head, and bad habits become habits once again. I have been caught in this vicious cycle before, and recognized the cycle beginning again with this groin injury. Fortunately, this week marked a turn towards health, both physical and mental. Residual soreness from modest runs is finally abating, and my gait feels smooth enough to begin building up the volume and tempo. The heart is all that's holding me back, and everyone continues to tell me it will rebound quickly, once I return to training in earnest.

Here's the week:

Tuesday: 45 minutes @ base effort

Wednesday: 35 minutes treadmill

Thursday: 15 miles on the bike

Saturday: 60 minutes in the foothills

Sunday: 45 minutes @ base pace with Twirly

Totals: 19.85 miles running, avg HR 146, body fat 20.2%

Enough with the distractions, I get preoccupied and I am left with nothing to show but a little exhilaration for my time and energy. I need to get back to racing weight, something that will pay dividends. Focusing on racing weight means daily measurements to keep me accountable, and using body fat % as the metric instead of weight. Setting short term goals of 2% reduction per training cycle should have me back down to 14 % by December, to be in good shape for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler. Higher volume and better lifestyle choices will help, as will the strength work I have been doing to rehab my injury. Keeping those routines routine will make this all a piece of cake.

Mmmm, cake.

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